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My Favorite Story of February 2021: The Failed Dianas by Monique Laban

My favorite story this month was The Failed Dianas by Monique Laban at Clarkesworld. Brief Caption Diana, an intern at an off-world financial services company, returns to Earth to meet a relative she’s never met: the original Diana, who her parents disowned and cloned after she disappointed their plans for her. Review There’s a lot …

My Favorite Story of January 2021: Mouth & Marsh, Silver & Song

My favorite story this month was Mouth & Marsh, Silver & Song by Sloane Leong at Fireside. Brief caption An eldritch swamp-beast utters prophecy from the many mouths that princes cut from her with silver swords. Immiserated and alone, she struggles for compassion, or peace, or perhaps even a semblance of love. Past this point …